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Shaded Area Plot

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… in which we explore using interval renderers and color maps to create a plot where the area under the line is shaded based on data from a second data series.

Box and Whiskers Plot

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The Box and Whiskers plot is a method for depicting groups of numerical data through their quartiles and it is a popular way to depict statistical information about data sets, yet the Racket plot package does not support such a plot type. In this blog post we’ll explore how to add this plot type to the plot package without having to modify the package itself, and we’ll look at some useful techniques of extending the plot package.

Climb Analysis Tool

:: racket, activitylog2, data visualization

As part of preparing for a bicycle race in my local city I wanted to look at the climbs of the bike route and evaluate their difficulty. Since all the (free) online tools only provided basic analysis tools, I decided to write my own.

Plot Animations

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There is no specific animation function in the Racket plot package, but animations can be build by repeatedly plotting individual frames onto a canvas or image using plot/dc. The technique requires drawing the entire plot every frame, which will be inefficient for complex plots. In this blog post we explore how to construct plot animations using the set-overlay-renderers method of a plot snip, which is a more efficient method when plots are embedded in GUI applications.

Rendering the World Map Using the Racket Plot Package

:: racket, data visualization

As part of writing the geoid package, I needed to visualize some geographic projections and I discovered that the 3D plotting facilities in the racket plot package can be easily used for this task. The geoid package and the projection it uses is somewhat complex, so, to keep things simple, this blog post covers the display of the country outlines on a globe loading the data from the GeoJSON file and using only basic plotting facilities.

Dual Axis Plots

:: racket, data visualization

… in which we explore how to show on the same plot two data series that have different data ranges. The Racket Plot package does not support this functionality directly, but with the help of some data transformation, we can still achieve good results.

Interactive Maps in the DrRacket REPL

:: racket, data visualization

I updated the map-widget package to allow map objects to snip%’s so it can be inserted into a pasteboard% and a side benefit of this work is that maps can now be embedded in the DrRacket REPL — while this was not why I did these modifications, it does make for a cool demo.

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