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Interactive Maps in the DrRacket REPL

:: racket, data visualization

I updated the map-widget package to allow map objects to snip%’s so it can be inserted into a pasteboard% and a side benefit of this work is that maps can now be embedded in the DrRacket REPL — while this was not why I did these modifications, it does make for a cool demo.

Timezone Visualization

:: racket, data visualization

The timezone-boundary-builder project publishes GeoJSON files with timezone boundaries based on OpenStreetMap data, and I though it would be an interesting project to load this data in Racket, build some map visualizations with it and explore some of the Racket drawing facilities.

Building a Data Visualization Dashboard in Racket

:: racket, activitylog2, data visualization

When experimenting with a new data visualization or data analysis method, it is simpler to write a prototype as a separate application, to evaluate if it is worthwhile investing the effort of adding a full feature to ActivityLog2, this post illustrates the process used to write a “training load” dashboard application in Racket.

A Racket GUI Widget to display maps based on OpenStreetMap tiles

:: racket, data visualization

This is a Racket GUI Widget which can display maps based on Open Street Map tiles — it allows embedding maps in Racket GUI applications. I originally wrote this code as part of the ActivityLog2 project and, since I wanted to use it in other projects, I decided to move it onto a separate package and publish it to the Racket package server.

Interactive Overlays With the Racket Plot Package — Update

:: racket, data visualization

I announced my original plot overlay implementation on the Racket Users mailing list and the Racket developers were enthusiastic about these improvements and they suggested that I contribute them to the main plot package. They also suggested a different approach for implementing this feature, which results in more flexibility for implementing overlays.

Interactive Overlays With the Racket Plot Package

:: racket, data visualization

The Racket plot package produces interactive snip% objects which allow zooming of the plot area. While this is a cool and sometimes useful feature, the functionality is hard coded in the plot-snip% class inside the package. I extended the package to allow the user to customize the interactive features of the plot, to display additional information when the user hovers the mouse over the plot.