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A Racket GUI Widget to display maps based on OpenStreetMap tiles

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This is a Racket GUI Widget which can display maps based on Open Street Map tiles — it allows embedding maps in Racket GUI applications. I originally wrote this code as part of the ActivityLog2 project and, since I wanted to use it in other projects, I decided to move it onto a separate package and publish it to the Racket package server.

Interactive Overlays With the Racket Plot Package

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The Racket plot package produces interactive snip% objects which allow zooming of the plot area. While this is a cool and sometimes useful feature, the functionality is hard coded in the plot-snip% class inside the package. I extended the package to allow the user to customize the interactive features of the plot, to display additional information when the user hovers the mouse over the plot.

Changing Built-in Racket Packages

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To modify one of the Racket built in packages, a local copy of the package has to be set up first. This is a surprisingly complicated task and I spent more time on it than I would like to admit. To save future me and others some time, I wrote up a set of instructions on how to do it.