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Arduino 433Mhz Receiver — Reading Keyfobs

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I bought a 433Mhz receiver shield for Arduino as I wanted to experiment with wireless communication, and, as the first application, I built a receiver that can read serial numbers and button status from my garage door opener remote.

Arduino Inclinometer Improvements

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After using the inclinometer for a while, it became apparent that the functionality was too basic. I extended it, so the unit tracks maximum pitch and roll values seen, displays the pitch and roll direction and can perform calibration on demand, so the unit does not have to acquire its orientation each time it is started up. I also built a better enclosure for it.

Arduino Inclinometer

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My brother-in-law got himself a 4WD and wanted an inclinometer module to display the roll and pitch of the vehicle while going on his adventures. I build one using an Arduino Nano and an accelerometer module.

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