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Equipment Usage and Costs

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I paid $600 for my Garmin FR920 GPS watch, and since I got it, I bought six pairs of running shoes totaling $1124 and went to the swimming pool 153 times: at approximately $5 for a swim session, this is $765 spend on swimming. While the FR920 cost more than a single pair of running shoes or a single swimming session, it actually comes out as cheaper to own than the previous two.

Running and Outdoor Temperature

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It is no surprise to anyone who tried to run in the heat that it is harder than when the outdoor temperature is more pleasant. But how much harder is it, and how can this be quantified? With summer in full swing in the southern hemisphere, I decided to take a look at how running is affected by temperature.

Fatigue and Running Form

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My Garmin FR920 watch keeps track of running form related measurements: Cadence, Stride, Ground Contact Time and Vertical Oscillation. Given that I collected a lot of data during my last Marathon training, I decided to have a look at how running form changes as I get more tired during a run.